CRYSPOL43HR is deliciously formulated shortening for delighting consumers as bakery fillings, fillings for biscuits and fudges. High performance with the structure, stability and excellent flavor release you need for the most elaborate designs.


Creaming and Icing Shortening is for extra easy ready to work with partnership at high temperatures environment such as in the tropics. Unique manufacturing process control that based on optimization the texture, to delivery exception aeration, good melting texture and no oil separation.


Creaming and Icing Shortening for ready-to-use during the colder months of the year that deliver a smooth and melting texture, and an exceptional aeration results.


A high oxidative stability and low coloring index crystalized palm fat produced from controlled selective palm oils. Uniquely processed to counter off odor and taste. Most suited for use fat replacer for analogue cheese manufacturing including cheddar, cream and mozzarella. Also suited as dough and batter fat for baking industry including bread, cake, biscuits and cream filling.

Customer Advantages

  • Neutral taste does not interfere with flavorings
  • Excellent mouthfeel with no waxy after taste
  • Ease of combination with other ingredients.
  • High ratio creaming properties
  • Formulated with high oxidative-stable base stocks

Consumer Advantages

  • Appeals to consumers who are avoiding hydrogenated oils
  • Soft spreadable texture for ease of use
  • No waxy after taste
  • Reduced saturated fat level by up to 20% in finished product

Consistent performance with a broad working range”

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