EANRICH is the perfect replacement solutions to imitate expensive butter oil and its trans-fat free.

Product Description

It is suitable for comprehensive range of bakery products such as cakes, biscuits and coffee roasting. Available in different flavor range to enhance the finished product quality and customizable to suit the local taste and requirements. Excellent consistency and more stable than butter oil. It can also be used as a flavor enhancer your bakery goods with excellent flavor release and aroma retention for exquisite finished products.

Made from finely selected sustainable palm oil and stringent process. It is an economical solutions for expensive butter oil.”

Customer Advantages

  • Excellent cost savings opportunities
  • Customizable to suit local taste and requirements
  • Shelf stable product

Consumer Advantages

  • Excellent buttery flavor and colour
  • Naturally Trans Fat Free
  • Healthier choice compared to butter

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