Earoma is the most efficient concentrated natural clarified butter oil flavored vegetable ghee and vanaspati.


This golden elixir is all natural 100% vegetable oils, packed with Omega 9 & 6, Vitamin A & E, lactose free alternative and transfat – free. Great for digestion, energy booster, skin health and metabolism. Sunflower oil is also added making EAROMA a perfect healthy choice while bringing lightness and aromatic taste loved by all.

Customer Advantages

  • Made from 100% from natural vegetable oils
  • Great choice for Vegan (Plants Derived, Lactose and dairy free)
  • Flavor of natural plant derived.
  • Good oxidative heat stability.
  • Sustainably & responsibly sourced ingredients

Consumer Advantages

  • Perfect healthy choice made from 100% natural vegetables oil
  • A choice for the conscientious cook
  • Exceptionally mouth feel.
  • Lactose free and transfat – free
  • Alternative to clarified butter ghee without losing it flavor and aroma

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