EASYBAKE margarine brings out the best for your gastronomic, a staple in your baking studio.

Product Description

This luscious creamy margarine is made from selective blend of vegetable oils and fats. Incorporation of sunflower oil in EASYBAKE is essential to promote healthy choice and with sharp melting profile in sunflower oil will not give the waxy after taste.

EASYBAKE margarine offers excellent dispersion qualities that give superb volume and aroma to cakes and provide a crunchy bite feel for cookies. It also provides excellent high creaming volume, which stays in shape. The silky margarine also enhances the flavor and taste in any cooking.

EASYBAKE exceed expectation of your ordinary off the shelves margarine.

Entice your senses with EASYBAKE delicious choice, splendid in taste.”

Customer Advantages

  • Made from 100% from natural vegetable oils
  • Compliment well with stable consistency without compromising the taste and flavour to all cooking and baking
  • Ease of combination with other ingredients.
  • All purpose margarine available with flavoring of natural plant derived.
  • Sustainably & responsibly sourced ingredients

Consumer Advantages

  • Made from 100% natural vegetable oils
  • Fresh alternative for better health (Non hydrogenation, No Cholesterol & trans fat free )
  • Great choice for Vegan (Plants Derived, Lactose and dairy free)
  • Excellent taste and pleasant mouthfeel
  • Low price alternative with high quality properties



Yellowish, Lower Saturated Fat, Premium Cake Margarine, Zero Trans, Distinctive Butter Like Flavor.

Excellent bakery fat for brioches, cakes, great creaming properties, biscuits.

Features: Block, Vegetable, Buttery, Lactic, Unsalted

Storage: < 10 *c

Packing: 15KG to 25KG


Homogeneous Smooth paste Yellowish, Optimum ratio of saturated to unsaturated fatty acids 1:2.

Renounce to partially hardened fat and consist combination of fractions and solids by nature fats for a good nutritional perspective.

Quality all round performing margarine with excellent creaming properties.

Features: Block, Vegetable, Milky & Roasted Buttery, Salted/Unsalted

Storage: < 28 *c

Packing: 15KG to 25KG


Our original bakery fat and gives an authentic firm and moist sponge texture.

Ideally suited for a variety of products and most popular with manufacturers that are looking for new standard in versatility.

Naturally produced, for industrial bakery applications, enabling stable shelf lives and fast crystallizing without trans-fats.

Features: Block, Vegetable, Buttery Milky, Salted/Unsalted               

Storage: < 30 *c

Packing: 15KG to 25KG


The highest quality red margarine you can find in the market.

An exclusive choice for the exotic dishes which provides a bright and striking appearance while giving an excellent buttery taste for many kind of local foods and dishes.

Features: Block, Vegetable, Buttery Milky     

Storage: < 30 *c

Packing: 15kg to 20kg

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