Cake decoration became prominent at important banquets and celebrations, a tradition that continues to hold true today. A cake decorating master require to fulfill key skill set in Design Skills, Decorating Skills and Icing Skills. It is icing skill that requires the use of best ingredients – EAPP is proud to offer Ambient-Whip a pasteurized UHT whipping cream in crafting truly extraordinary cakes. The product boasts delicate notes of vanilla-milk and a light and fresh mouthfeel.

Discover new swinging possibilities

Fanciful & extravagant cake decorations is particularly important on special occasions – taste and look lives longest in the memory. That is why cake-makers love Ambient-Whip, because it tastes deliciously sweet while also having the perfect look for those all-over cake decorations that need a delicate touch here and a sharp edge there.

Viable as Dairy whipping cream as well as Non-Dairy whipping, there is now an option to choose between two using one product. Unlike traditional ready to whip whipping cream, moisture incorporation is necessary when using Ambient-Whip; Chef has the option to choose between Milk or Water to suit dietary requirements. This devour the needs for having two or more types of whipping cream.

Peace of mind

Once in the piping bag or on the application, Ambient-Whip stays workable – and fresh – for longer than comparable products.

Ambient-Whip makes it possible to create perfect long-lasting decorations – from bite-size snacks to cupcakes, celebration cakes and more – all without cracks or coloration. Extremely smooth, easy to spread, and devoid of air bubbles, The result is premium quality whipping cream with superior taste which will lead to increased consumer satisfaction. Ambient-Whip remains practical even throughout seasonal fluctuations, and can be stored at an ambient temperature for up to nine months.

Customer Advantages

  • Ambient storage condition for up to nine months
  • No allergens: dairy-free, lactose-free and protein-free
  • No cracking or discoloration, even five days after creation
  • Exceptional cost effective (aeration is achieved by the amount of water / milk added)
  • Practical throughout seasonal variations
  • Smoother or thicker cream texture is self-regulated to meet a wide gastronomic artisanal delights

Consumer Advantages

  • Lighter mouth feel, fewer calories compared with dairy cream
  • Better looking applications and great decorations
  • Whipped cream has a longer shelf life, even at ambient storage
  • The delicate vanilla notes enhance the flavor of every dessert
  • For decorating and filling desserts, pastries, sauces, fruits and more

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