Frymaster range of frying oils and frying shortenings enhance the flavor, crispiness, appearance and mouth-feel of fried foods.

What are the advantages of using Frymasters?

  • Frymasters provide peace of mind.
  • Zero Grams Trans Fat Per Serving
  • No Hydrogenation
  • Selective & specially processed palm oils
  • Exceptional stability and frying life (3,5,6,7 days)
  • High smoke point
  • Amazing taste and appearance
  • Lower polyunsaturated fats (without unpleasant waxy stain in your kitchen)

What is Trans-Fatty-Acid?

Trans Fatty Acids – While naturally occurring trans fatty acids have never been implicated in raising serum cholesterol there is data to suggest that man-made trans fatty acids (from hydrogenation of vegetable oils) raise levels of LDL – cholesterol (bad) and lower levels of HDL – cholesterol in the blood.

Customer Advantages

  • Reduces stock holding costs
  • Reduces logistical cost on market distributions
  • Optimize warehouse space utilization

Consumer Advantages

  • Productivity maximization and therefore cost reduction
  • Enhances the flavour, crispiness and appearance
  • Good value for money compared with generic RBD Palm Oil/Olein

Frymaster range of products

Frymaster 106NH
Frymaster 108NH
Frymaster 110NH
Frymaster Creamy Shortening
Frymaster Donut Shortening

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