The most universal release agent in our range. It is based on vegetable oils and waxes and is ultimately suitable for a wide range of easy to release baked products.

Product Description

KYLIE is especially developed for the traditional market and has an extraordinary release power. It is therefore suitable for difficult to release confectionery products, particularly low sugar to medium sugar content and other difficult to release cake products.

It is a perfect solutions when processing dough products via the refrigerator or freezer. The product is easy to apply with all well known application systems and can be applied with a brush and can be exclusively sprayed with a spraying system.

Achieve a perfect looking products each time”

Customer Advantages

  • Excellent solutions for releasing products with medium to high sugar contents
  • Contains high quality oils and waxes
  • No burning remnants on the baking material
  • Increase lifespan of moulds
  • Faster release and less waste

Consumer Advantages

  • Perfect looking products
  • Longer shelf life of products
  • Good quality of color, taste and quality
  • Improved taste due to minimal risk of traces



Created and considered a processing aid during baking which works in almost any environment.


Designed to work effectively at tropical climates while accede performance and cost saving features.


Assured release agent functionality and efficiency at low temperature environment or regions.

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