Anhydrous Milk Fat Replacer is a crucial ingredient in cultured milk foods, analogue cheeses and bakery-confectionery recipes.

What is AMF Replacer?

AMF replacer is wholly derived from selective blend of highly oxidative-stable vegetable oils and fats. It has an extraordinary comparable quality to milk fat and at a favorable cost. Many of today’s consumers look for products made with nutritional and health benefits. AMF replacer is a naturally derived, totally free from cholesterol and trans-isomer fatty acids, and contains no GMO. Furthermore it helps solve problems of seasonal dependence from source of raw materials.

Lower your fat costs and reduce future risk

In cheddar cheese, there is around 30-40% of fat depending on the application. This is making the fat a very important ingredient both on the cost and the quality of the end-product. At EAPP we have developed a new generation of dairy fat – AMF Replacer.

Helping our customers to produce the top quality laminated products while keeping your costs down and reducing the risk of price fluctuations.

Unlike milk fat or butter oil, you will be able to contract your AMF Replacer requirement for the future by protecting you from unpredictable market changes and helping you reduce your costs.

AMF replacer is the long-term solution for cost, consistency and deliverance.

Customer Advantages

  • Ambient storage condition for up to nine months
  • No allergens: dairy-free, lactose-free and protein-free
  • Exceptional cost effectiveness
  • Practical and available throughout seasonal variations
  • Bespoke with aromatizer and coloring agent on request

Consumer Advantages

  • Taste and nutritional value of finished products
  • Using no artificial colors and flavors.
  • Reduced in saturated fat


AMF Replacer product ranges include

AMF Blends

AMF Blends is based on a combination of dairy and non dairy ingredient, and contains E-Numbers

AMF Lauric

AMF Lauric is based encompass the use of lauric oils such as Palm Kernel & Coconut Oils, and contains E-Numbers

Associated Documents

AMF Replacer Product Catalogue

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