OLIOBUTTA is butter blends that consist vegetable fats & oils mix with concentrated milk fat (cow’s milk).

Product Description

Consumers’ taste preferences and sensitivity to pricing is ever increasing, and the pressure is mounting on industry producers to find creative solutions using standard ingredients. Oliobutta offer a creamy sweet buttery flavor designed to replace butter in cakes and breads, and helps keep products fresh and moist throughout their shelf-life. EAPP’s solutions for Oliobutta is able to offer a cost-effective alternative to butter while maintaining the composition of dairy fat.

Our extensive knowledge on selecting and processing vegetable oils and fats allow us to deliver healthier and functional butter blends, so consumers could enjoy higher content of polyunsaturated fatty acids and lower saturated fatty acids.

When whipped and mixed liquids and powders, Oliobutta guarantees the volume and stability ofthe end product whilealso adding an irresistible buttery taste.

Bakery applications

  • Crème
  • Cake
  • Piped batter (cookies)
  • Bread, soft dough and stiff dough
  • Short bread cookies
  • Viennoiseries (eg. croissant, brioche, puff pastry)

Supporting our customers to produce top quality products while keeping the cost down”

Customer Advantages

  • Tailor-made product characteristics
  • Cost-effective compared to butter
  • Has all the qualities of real butter!
  • Offering economical/low price alternative with high quality propriotary formulation.
  • Sustainably & responsibly sourced ingredients.

Consumer Advantages

  • Lower saturated fat & cholesterol
  • Exceptional mouth feel.
  • Superb alternative to butter yet with buttery taste and aroma
  • Low price alternative with high quality properties/ingredients

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