Pure-white smooth paste consists of All-purpose, High ratio and Yeast-raised bakery shortenings. These shortenings are used in a wide variety of food items and applications including creaming, baking, biscuits, cookies and for coating on baking tin/tray.


  • All-purpose shortening can be formulated with a wide range of plasticity to meet working conditions between 25 to 40 deg C.
  • High ratio shortening are formulated with good creaming volume for used in cookie fillings and whipped toppings.
  • Yeast-raised bakery shortenings are formulated with a unique combination of different emulsifiers to achieve tenderizing effects and an extended shelf-life.
  • All shortenings are also available with butter flavoring and coloring as an added option.
  • No Trans Fat

Storage Conditions20-24 ᵒC and must be away from direct sunlight, in an odourless cool place.
PackagingCorrugated Box
Net Weight20Kg
Shelf Life12 months