Food Application Centre (Community Empowerment)

The smell of freshly made laksa wafted in the air as a group of bakers gathered in a room at the East Asia Palm Products Sdn. Bhd. (EAPP) recently. In the middle of the room, EAPP’s products were creatively displayed for visitors at the factory in Senari. Platters of baked goods such as the simple madeleine spongecake and cream-filled buns to the mouth-watering almond sponge cake are a feast for the eyes. Also on display are EAPP’s bakery fat products under the brand name ‘Blue Bell’.

With the intent of reintroducing their products to consumers, EAPP invited fellow bakers to their factory in Senari last Friday.

EAPP has been in Malaysia since 2005, owning and operating a value added palm oil processing and packaging plant located in Kuching. In 2008, they construed a bakery fat manufacturing plant. The state of the art plant process and distribute Butter Substitute, Butter Blend, Magerine, Soft Spread, Butter Oil Substitute, Shortening, Deep Frying Oil, Vegetable Ghee, Release Agent, Milk Fat Replacer and many more.

Their facilities are both Halal and HACCP certified to meet the highest level of food safety and requirement for both their customers and consumers.

According to Andrew Nguang, Business Developer Manager for EAPP, they had invited over twenty bakers from well-known bakeries in Kuching (such as Taiwan Cake House, Mita Cake House and so on) to not only promote their products to them, but also to empower the bakers with new recipes and ideas.

One of the ideas was making bread out of Bario rice. The idea came when the team was just playing around with ideas about using Sarawak’s own local ingredients and incorporating it wit baked goods.

The result turned out better than they expected.

“Bread made from Bario rice stays fluffy even after a few days,” said Evelyn Law, who is the celebrity chef and technical consultant at EAPP. She also makes all the baked goods at EAPP.

Apart from the Bario rice bread, the bakes also had a chance to taste Evelyn’s volcano bun and noodle bun.

Evelyn, who was more than happy to share her recipes, patiently explained each process to the curious bakers during the visit.

Besides promoting bakery fats, EAPP was also promoting one of its famous products – the Sarawak laksa paste. Under the brand name ‘Burung Bayan’ the laksa paste is already quite famous in the market. What sets it apart from the rest is that it contains more herbs and spices to ensure the consumers are able to get an authentic Sarawak laksa taste.



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