Redefining Margarines

EAPP is a Malaysian company that provides tasty business for your bakery industry, and we grow the your business with EAPP expertise and assortment of bakery fat solutions. Established in 2005, we truly believe that the key to success is based on consumer understanding and expertise. Therefore following consumer trends and needs and continuously develops appealing solutions has been our primary leadership.


The company’s business model is based on 3Cs – Co.Creation, Community Development and Continuous Improvement. A culture that encourages an entrepreneurial mind-set to thrive in own personal life, co-create value with customers, implement product development projects together and constantly improve operations. The company connects with consumers on a face-to-face basis in order to create long-lasting and personal connections between brand and consumer.


& Signature Culinary Delights

Trans-Free products for the baking industry are our main business model. At EAPP, we avail our scientific and technical expertise in custom-design applications, enhancing product performance and improving process efficacies and efficiencies for competitive advantage and assertive value-creation.


Mind-set within EAPP

The specialists at our research and development (R&D) unit conduct in-depth analysis of ingredients, apply latest food technologies and processes to develop future capabilities and boost competitive advantage for our customers.


The main objectives of ECSI are to avail its scientific and technical expertise in custom- design applications, enhancing product performance and improving process efficacies and efficiencies for competitive advantage and accretive value-creation.

Natural Ingredients

Maintain harmonious relationship between nature and science to assure safe and life- endearing products.

Human Talent & Expertise

Employ qualified and experienced professionals to empower products and service solutions that fulfil consumer wants and needs.

Applied Research Laboratory

Perform evaluation of the physical properties of fats in baked and cooked food (texture, volume, hardness, moisture content, shelf life, taste, etc.) and trial- run production technologies and new recipes before commercial roll-out.

Workshop Pilot Facility

Conduct baking demonstrations and workshop sessions in a well- equipped kitchen arena.

R&D Laboratory

Conduct research and development of both physical and chemical properties of fats and products quality assurance with tintometer, penetrometer, incubator, and apparatus for a differential thermal analysis, devices for checking microbiological activity, instruments for acidity, color reading, and many more.


Adopt and institute Food Safety Management System (FSMS) to safeguard products from adverse human health effects and compliant with world’s leading audit programs.