Co.Create define business strategies by focusing on customer experience and interactive relationship. It allows and encourages a more active involvement from the customer to create a value rich experience and products.


EAPP provides and advices possibilities to satisfy your needs and your customers’ wishes. We will do even more for you with our already extensive product range, and, and we can develop a tailor-made product to meet your requirements. Our Applied Research Laboratory will provide you recipe formulation, will work and analyse of your specific recipe, provide planning and consulting tailored for specific client problem.


Sharing Passion & Performance is the corporate slogan of EAPP. Therefore it is in our best interest to share our technical expertise that will grow your business’ profitability and productivity with our reliable and easy-to-use bakery solutions. Move Forward Together! Talk To us Now.



EAPP works to improve its production technologies and quality of the products by carrying out an extensive research and development programme aimed at generating new knowledge of manufacturing processes and the use of oil and fat products.

The R&D programme include Applied Research Laboratory and Workshop Pilot Facility. Their main activities include;


Established to provide an independent assessment of the Company’ range of specialized bakery fat products, heat resistance and high oxidative stability of frying oils & fats, and to provide opportunity on product range expansion. EAPP’s applied research laboratory investigates the physical and chemical properties of fats (creaming value, texture, color, aroma, hardness, oxidative stability, etc.) and monitors the quality of the Company’s products. The facility enables us to test product and ingredient technologies and develop new formulation with minimum cost to final production and raw material. The facility is equipped with technologies to enable recipe formulation, pilot model of main production processes for frying, bakery and confectionary applications.


In line with our commitment to provide high quality product to our customers, EAPP takes front line approach in providing high standard technical solutions using our experience and high level technologies. The workshop is active in a variety of comprehensive services we provide recipe formulation, analysis, planning and consulting tailored for specific client problem and requirements.

Workshop pilot facility was established to meet our front line customer service approach by exchanging knowledge and share our insightful skills in developing original recipes using Company’s bakery fats. Workshops at the Company is conducted by local and international expertise benefiting our customers and consumers immensely. The workshops also of benefit greatly to the Company’s production engineers, chemist, food technologist, sales representatives, merchandisers and product manager.

The workshop is equipped with scaled-down equipment that represents production lines of bakeries and confectioneries products, allowing for simulation of all key operations. Hence, learners and observers get an opportunity to fully understand the production process through making and tasting sample products (various kinds of vegetable fat creams, spreads, processed cheese products, bakery & pastry products, etc.).