Gulfood Exhibition 2016

25 February 2016

The annual trade show Gulfood runs from 21 to 24 February 2016 had provided EAPP a new page of perspective about the world.

EAPP is extremely thankful to MATRADE for granting such an opportunity to establish a presence at the of exhibition. The trade show had offer EAPP a great deal of having knowledge and experience to practise more on “Sharing Passion and Performance” which has been our core value in our services. It is an interesting and most memorable moment to see attendees who came to visit our booth, are attracted to our bakeries displayed – particularly Watermelon bread.

Many people were seeking learn about the uniqueness for our Margarines. Not letting the moment to pass by, we also took a direct approach by sharing with them that EAPP wasn’t born with a Michelin stars and it was through many years of hard work, continual practise and experience lead to development of unique technics and processing conditions needed to master the art of Margarine manufacturing. Aside to using the finest vegetable oils & fats, EAPP’s technics allow Margarine to deliver powerful capability based on nutritional & functional ingredients that are added to optimize the functionality. EAPP can also Co.Create by define business strategies by focusing on customer experience and interactive relationship. It allows and encourages a more active involvement from the customer to create a value rich experience and products.

Exhibiting at trade show has granted EAPP to not only to represent, but also strengthen Malaysian’s product on margarine and bakery fats. It is indeed a beneficial approach in expanding EAPP customer base by going further in the Middle East market as well as other continents. We are here, do talk to us and we will be glad to share our passion and performance of our margarines and bakery fats.

Water-Melon Bread:    

The outer skin contained green tea paste (ie, matcha), or pandan paste, the dough in the centre is made with Dragon Fruit puree and stuffed with raisins. The total fat content were 8% which is a combination of two fat types by EAPP – BREAD MATE & EANRICH956.



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