Taipei Int’l Bakery Show 2015

Date:30 March 2015

EAPP’s inaugural participation at Taipei International Bakery Show (TIBS) 26 to 29 March’15 has been a great success.

EAPP’s presence at the food show is a fantastic opportunity to reach out to new customers and cultivate new relationships within the regions.

With the objectives to seek reliable and trusted local representatives as well as to build brand and product awareness.

EAPP will be working closely with contacts gathered during the show by offering of product samples and as well as technical solutions tailored for specific client problem and requirements.

During the show, Taroona brand Butter Oil Substitutes, Margarines and Shortening were showcased through baking demonstration and food tasting. A lot of valuable feedbacks were generated, all of which has allow us to understand the market requirements and expectations.

In general, we are confident with our offerings and our commitment to provide high quality, safe food every time and everywhere are essential for the achievement of our ambition to be recognized and trusted as the leading performance bakery fats company.



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