What is Margarine?

Margarine is a water-in-oil emulsion where each water molecule is connected tightly with many oil molecules with the help of emulsifiers to form stable crystalized structure. Therefore this process allows margarine being the perfect carrier for many possible nutrients that are good for human body systems. Nutrients such as vitamins, fibres, milk fat, essential fatty acids, flavour, vegetables, colours and salt are added to optimize the functionality.

Selecting fresh and finest vegetable oils and essential ingredients are extremely important to baked food tastier, healthier and allow extract the best solutions for our customers by boosting competitive advantage.

Quality & Accreditations

At EAPP, the commitment to Food Safety is a responsibility by everyone, everytime and everywhere. All our production lines and facilities are certified under CODEX HACCP by SGS, the highest level by international standards in Food Safety Management & System. As a producer of food products, the FSMS also enable EAPP to trace all of our ingredients and raw materials by identify suppliers in a very short timing.

Our extensive range of products are also approved and certified with HALAL by Jakim, the leading internationally acclaimed Islamic Council.

EAPP pays close attention to Food Law & Legislation applicable to the countries we are serving and ensures its products (nutrition information, ingredient declaration, allergen labelling etc.) meet requirements.

Tell a Better Story

Food is fundamental. Everyone, everywhere, everyday needs healthy meals to lead productive and prosperous lives.

At EAPP, we see our work as a huge opportunity and an important responsibility and a deep commitment. Producing high-quality, safe products, and acting as a reliable and trusted partner to suppliers, customers and consumers, we maximize the value of the food chain for communities and ourselves.

Margarines and Bakery Fats made from plant based oils are leaders in reducing water and air pollution, and they that helps Greening our planet effectively. On the other hand, animal based products tend produces an enormous amount of greenhouse gas and polluting our waterways.

EAPP put great efforts on Health & Safety Management Systems because Safe Production Means Lean, High Performing Product and High Quality.

Emergency Response

EAPP recognises that food safety is paramount to our consumers. Emergency situations arise unexpectedly and that to combat the uncertainty around emergency situations, effective planning and product recall rehearsal and sound management are keys to success in an event of an emergency occurring.

EAPP has developed minimum standards and procedures that define the requirements for emergency response plans;

  • Identify the potential for immediate risk to health, life, environment or property
  • Develop emergency response producers to immediately respond to the emergency situation
  • Ensure emergency personnel trained in the emergency responses procedures
  • Establish procedures to notify and update relevant stakeholders and community members.
  • Conduct regular drills and test plan against potential emergency situations.

Note: All of our products are printed with batch no., product code, production and expiry date, otherwise return the product to your local distributor or supplier. Product Batch Numbering Records can be supplied on each delivery to facilitate your consumption or distribution log.

Recognizing Types of Emergencies

*full information to be made available

Contacts and Reporting Authorities

Ministry of Health – TELEPHONE NO.: refer to local contact number.
Ambulance / Police – TELEPHONE NO.: refer to local contact number.
Local City Council – TELEPHONE NO.: refer to local contact number.

Insights & Innovations

Innovation is fundamental to our business, to our customers’ businesses and to creating a sustainable future for everyone.

At EAPP, we have an Insights & Innovation team. It’s their job to analyse market and category trends, as well as consumer and technological insights. Armed with this knowledge, they can give our customers a unique strategic service. This can be used to help facilitate product development programs that are both cost effective and highly successful. After all, we want our clients to keep moving forward – and innovation is what will take them there.