Bread has been a staple food in our daily diet since prehistoric time. GlutenTex is perfectly suited to the needs and ambitions of today’s bread maker to meet the requirement of cost, performance, yield and taste.

What are the benefits of using GlutenTex?

GlutenTex is an emulsified bread fat offering a superior quality and brilliant cost efficiency for traditional yeast dough, sweet yeast bread and steam bun. Prolonging freshness of bread by maintaining the texture of freshly baked bread by keeping the starch in its gelled state and minimize recrystallization.

On top of that, use of GlutenTex improved leavening and tenderness by disperses the fat in bread, and helps with whitening effects through oxidative stability retention. As a result, bread made with GlutenTex enhances the flavor, color, softness and crumb.

Bread made with GlutenTex keep fresh longer on the shelf by promoting gluten in the bread stronger and more extensible – verified by the experts at Applied Research Laboratory versus traditional dough fat and vegetable oils”

Customer Advantages

  • Total replacement to dough fat and shortening
  • Reduce recipe cost
  • Unmatched softness and enhance taste
  • Superior freshness of bread and bun
  • Meet demand of local tastes and applications

Consumer Advantages

  • Increase consumer loyalty & differentiation
  • Stay fresh longer with increase shelf-life
  • Peace of mind, consistent quality bake after bake
  • Texture and taste that satisfies consumer preference
  • Better nutritional values thanks to lower fat content



Our original emulsified dough fat and gives an authentic moist sponge and elastic texture. This texture is achieve in yeast bread, sweet bread and Asian steam-bun by keeping the starch in its gelled state, preventing recrystallization. Gluten in the dough is stronger and more extensible, thus increasing the volume of the loaf and at the same time it disperses the fat in the bread making it softer.


With its indulgence creamy sweet buttery flavour, GlutenTex 956 SC is a high-quality dough fat specifically designed to replace traditional margarine in yeast bread and sweet bread manufacturing. Ability to maintain freshness longer and deliver lasting buttery bake through effect.

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