Baking Demo

29th & 30th November 2011

EAPP’s baking demonstration was held for two days where over 100 professional participants from the hotels, bakery outlets & manufacturers had attended.

“This program is specially designed our way of expressing our commitment to customer focus. The baking demo was a success where EAPP was able to achieve its goals and deliver the important messages including “Enriching knowledge through learning”, “Nourishing food for people” and “Customer Focus”.” Message from General Manager.

EAPP had invited Chef Goh – Senior Chef from Singapore. Mr. Goh has over 22 years of experience in bakery and western culinary. His working background as professional pastry chef based in Singapore includes Shangri-La Hotel, Park Royal Hotel, Rasa Sentosa Hotel & Resort and Raffles Hotel. EAPP is very proud to have him to showcase his extensive culinary & bakery skills. Mr Goh is currently working at BITC Singapore as senior chef instructor.

About EAPP
EAST ASIA PALM PRODUCTS or EAPP engaged in manufacturing of bakery fats & edible oils.
The range of bakery fats comprise of general purpose shortening, creaming shortening, multi purpose margarine, cake margarine, creaming margarine, butter oil substitute, butter blend, Danish pastry fat and spread. EAPP exporting throughout the world and their customers consist of Industrial, Food Services, Retail, and Bakery.

The local & oversea customers choose to work with EAPP because of their focus on product quality and customer service. Other clients also choose to work with EAPP because they have the ability to customize & design different fat blend products.


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