Baking Demonstration – Brunei

Date:22nd MAY 2015

Baking demonstration hosted by Chef Evelyn Law our well-known in-house pastry chef from Malaysia. We collaborated with Le Apple Bakery Mart for the exclusive use of the venue as well as equipment. Such an activity has been organized for the reason EAPP knows that this is a great delivery method of product awareness, nutrition education as well as information containing advices, resources for planning and executing a successful product.

There were a total of seven (3) products being demonstrated using EAPP’s EASYBAKE101 (Description: Cake Margarine) as well as Sambal Laksa Paste from manufactured by PTH Enterprise (an EA Group of companies). EASYBAKE101 is a vegetable oil based performance bakery margarine which is both cholesterol and trans-fat free. The product offer excellent creaming volume, smooth consistency in baking and lasting bake through taste and aroma. Suitable for use also in multi-tiered gourmet cake, bread, sweet dough and cookies.

Details of the finished products can be found below and please feel free to contact us for the original recipes.



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