Baking Demonstration – Davao, Philippines

Date:15-16 April 2015

Reaching out to the community is an integral part of EAPP Corporate Governance Principles. The two days event was jointly organized with our local partners, and in conjunction with Philippines Institute of Baking and EAPP Workshop Pilot Facility team-EWP (pastry chef & educators). During the two days event, EAPP was greeted with over 100 eager learners from all walks of life where they include business owner of bakery shop, to chain store operators and owner, industrialist and charity group.

EAPP’s objective at Davao was solely to offer motivational and educational materials to the bakers through product functionality and sharing the commonly challenges faced on production yield, texture, volume and taste. Participants were also informed on the health and storage safety awareness, and the current market trend. The participants were offered nutritional insight to our EASYBAKE range of margarines, EANRICH range of butter oil substitute and also shortening replacer called Bread Mate.

The two days event was divided into two segments, Product Showcasing & Live Baking Demonstration. A total of six products were introduced to the participants, and they are Madeleine & Financier (using our EANRICH3425-BOS), Steam Bun / Sio Bao (using BREAD MATE), Plywood Bread (using EASYBAKE103), Butter Chocolate Bun (using EASYBAKE101) and Butter Cake Special (using EASYBAKE101).

We are confident our objectives have been met and we are looking forward to another visit to this region soon. EAPP is extremely thankful to have the support from Philippines Institute of Baking as well as the local community members. Please feel free to contact us for the recipes.



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