Baking Demonstration – Kuching, Malaysia

Date:14-15 MAY 2015

Baking demonstration hosted by Chef Kevin Chuang (莊文斌) our well-known in-house pastry chef from Taiwan. Such an activity has been organized for the reason EAPP knows that this is a great delivery method of product awareness, nutrition education as well as information containing advices, resources for planning and executing a successful product.

The two days event was greeted with over 100 eager learners of all walks of life with majority being business owners and operators of local bakery shop and chain store bakery.

There were a total of seven (7) products being demonstrated using EAPP’s EANRICH3425 (Domestic Description: Butter Milk Replacer & International Description: Butter Oil Substitute), a vegetable oil based product that is both cholesterol and trans-fat free. Every single participants were astonished with the superior results achieve in the taste, texture, color and volume. Details of the finished products can be found below and please feel free to contact us for the original recipes.

A very special thanks to the participants from Matrade, Federation of Malaysian Manufacturers, SME Corp and MITI for their supports and encouragements.


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