Education for bakers (EAPP Baking Workshop 6-7 June 2014)

EAPP is passionate about the quest to impart awareness for new industry baking methods across Sarawak & Brunei, a quest that has led us to offer hands on baking workshops. Our journey to achieve this goal has required good ingredients produced by EAPP and partnership with expert trainers from BITC Singapore to showcase their skills. Participants will learn about pastry making process, sponge cake design and roux making techniques.

EAPP is excited to inform that our upcoming workshop has been confirmed, and will be held in Brunei from the 6th to 7th of June 2014. Further information about the event is available from the champaign leaflet below. Advance bookings for all the classes are necessary. Please click on the “Contact Us” button to secure your booking online. To enquire, please call+6082432317 from 10am to 4pm Monday to Friday and a member of our team will assist you.



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