Emart Baking Demo

Blue Bell -Redefining Margarine

3 Celebrity Chefs
5 weeks was the duration of live baking demonstate organized by EAPP
16 commercial recipes
50 bowls sarawak laksa served
300 loafs of cake produced
500 learners participated this event

About EAPP

EAPP is a Malaysian company manufacture value added Margarines and Bakery Fat Solutions. Our in-depth knowledge and experience serving the baking industry allow us to deliver solutions that meet specific requirements of the customers.

Our business model is based on 3C – Co.Creation, Community Development & Continuous Improvement.

And we also avail our expertise in fat solutions that enable enhancing product performance and improving process efficacies and efficiencies for competitive advantage.

All the products baked.
Participants photos with Datuk.



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